best albums 2020 so far

in no particular order…

Kingdom in My Mind, The Wood Brothers

Notable Mentions... 
- "Little Bit Sweet"
- "The One I Love"

Bad for You, The Steeldrivers

Notable Mentions... 
- "I Choose You" - love song that shows the beauty of commitment in love
- "Glad I'm Gone" - Steeldrivers never disappoint with a classic breakup song once again
- "Mama Says No" - an instrumental that is definetely inspired by the feeling of when mama says no
- "Lonely and Being Alone" - like they say, "there's a difference between being lonely and being alone" and that's never felt more true to me in these COVID times

Devotion, Margaret Glaspy

Notable Mentions... 
- "Killing What Keeps Us Alive"
- "Young Love"
- "Devotion"

Saturn’s Return, The Secret Sisters

Notable Mentions... 
- "Silver"
- "Nowhere, Baby"
- "Healer in the Sky" - this is one of those few songs that speaks faith into a faithless day or week or year
- "Hold You Dear"

Brother Sister, Watkins Family Hour

Notable Mentions... 
- "The Cure"
- "Fake Badge, Real Gun"
- "Bella and Ivan"

Spectacle of Love, Libby Rodenbough

If you’ve heard Mipso, you’ve heard Libby Rodenbough sing and play violin. Honestly, I mean this as the highest complement to Libby considering how much I enjoy Mipso, but this first solo album just shows how much they had been holding her back. I love every song on this album and each listen they all grow on me even more.

Notable Mentions... 
- "How Come You Call Me"
- "Under the U-Bahn"
- "What Do You Mean"
- "You Like It Here" - we all have a little part of us thats scared to enjoy things, this song speaks to that

Still Flying, Bridget Kearney & Benjamin Lazar Davis

Notable Mentions... 
- "Endings/Beginnings"
- "Say Something"
- "Don't Brings Me Down"

Punisher, Phoebe Bridgers

Notable Mentions... 
- "Garden Song"
- "Graceland Too"

Dedicated Side B, Carly Rae Jepsen

Notable Mentions... 
- "Window" 
- "Felt This Way"
- "Let's Sort The Whole Thing Out"

Women in Music Pt. III, HAIM

HAIM has been hyping up this album for almost too long…it felt familiar to listen since so many of the songs had been release as singles over the last months. That being said, HAIM does not disappoint with their newest collection of bops and ballads. Have not had enough time yet for them to grow on me.

Reunions, Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit

Notable Mentions... 
- "It Gets Easier"
- "Letting You Go"
Published on Jul 07, 2020